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360 video product in e-shops: Get on top!

Updated: Jan 30

A man on the top of the mountain, as an indicative scene of the 360 video product power to elevate e-shops on the top.

In today's competitive world of e-commerce, creating a comparative advantage over the competition is crucial.

The use of high-definition photos to display products is not enough to meet the demands of consumers, limiting their purchases.

In this context, using 360-degree video to showcase products is best practice to gain a comparative advantage over the competition.

Indeed, 93% of consumers believe that a 360-degree product video helps with the purchase decision (Animoto), while relevant research on the use of 360 video product in e-shops shows:

  1. Increase in retail sales by 27% (Big Turntables).

  2. Increase in wholesale sales by 10% (Practical Ecommerce).

  3. Reduction of refunds by 35% (Big Turntables).

These results show the way to modernize the display of products in online stores, with videos replacing photos, providing specific advantages:

  1. The online store differentiates itself from the competition and vertically raises its prestige by creating trust in visitors.

  2. Product videos are easily shared on social media and in e-mail marketing, clearly performing better than photos.

  3. Google's search engine - due to the existence of videos - dramatically upgrades the ranking of the online store in the relevant searches.

  4. The duration of visits increases sharply due to watching videos, which are more enjoyable than photos.

  5. Modern technologies allow the low cost of the investment, with the latter being depreciated in a short time from its return.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine comparatively the performance of a video.

The world is evolving, are you?

Get on top calling FilmPartner now at 2310 455113. Time is money.

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Mar 22, 2023

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