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FilmPartner announces its first international co-production in Thessaloniki!

Updated: Feb 4

Film crew on the job

FilmPartner proudly announces its first international film co-production in Thessaloniki!

The "Pressure Point" project took place at the beginning of November at a location of the Municipality of Lagadas of Thessaloniki, for the national Swedish television "SVT".

The theme of the miniseries (3 episodes of 60 minutes) is about a true crime that took place in Sweden in 1998-99, a production of the Swedish Company "Art & Bob Film och Drama" (Director Sanna Lenken and DoP Jonas Alarik).

FilmPartner provided full support services, with location, crew, equipment, props and 15 extras, including 10 children.

We thank Art & Bob Film och Drama for their trust and kind words:

"We were so happy to team up with FilmPartner Greece for our one-day shoot. Rob and Yannis understood our needs to keep it small and dove heads in to solve everything with short notice in a very non-complicated way. We were looking to recreate an orphanage in Macedonia in the late 90´s and found it just 45 min outside of Thessaloniki. Apart from many laughs we also came home with some great footage, we got exactly what we needed and more. I can highly recommend FilmPartner Greece".

Anna Alkeback, Line producer.

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