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FilmPartner's proposal was approved by the Greek Film Centre!

Updated: Jan 30

Indicative scene of the documentary production of FilmPartner, which is called "To be or not to be".

It is about the writing of the script of our documentary entitled "To be or not to be", by Kostas Stylianidis (directed by himself), the financing of which was approved by the Greek Film Center (GFK).

FilmPartner's proposal was one of ten proposals approved, out of a total of 36 submitted, under the Development and Production Management Programs "First Film: Writing" of the GFK Film Plans and Projects Funding Programs Regulation.

Original printscreen of the approvement of FilmPartner application for funding, concerning its documentary production "To be or not to be".

The documentary is about a director and a rapper, who include in a film project 6 teenagers who flirt with crime, trying through creativity to lead them to a better tomorrow.

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