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FilmPartner turned one year old!

Updated: Jan 30

FilmPartner birthday cake, made one year.

Has a year already passed? As if it were yesterday, when Rob Arrowsmith and his partners laid the foundations for our beginning, as the first company with diary services for international productions that take place in our country!

One year later and we are now a company with a multidimensional contribution:

  • We have created the FilmPartner Community, with more than 1,350 registered professionals and businesses (, an audience that grows every day, so that international and domestic producers can access their professional profiles and launch their collaborations.

  • We have implemented 3 two-day practical learning seminars of Steadicam equipment in Thessaloniki, training 12 camera operators from all over Greece.

  • We have applied for a full-length documentary to be included in an audio-visual production funding program, while at the same time we are developing the script of a 10-episode drama series.

  • We have supported with human resources an international film production in Thessaloniki.

  • We have created our corporate website in, providing -among other things- rich articles and research on video marketing issues.

  • Finally, in the last two months, we have included in our daily activity the production of amazing promotional and corporate videos by businesses and public bodies from all over Greece.

However, FilmPartner's most important achievement is the positive acceptance it finds, both among the public and among influencers, such as executives of the film and television industry, as a business that was missing from Greece and that can bridge the quality gap between domestic and international productions.

Amazing Promotional and Corporate Videos by FilmPartner! Call us now at +30 2310455113.

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