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Move your city up the rankings of tourist destinations.

Updated: Jan 30

A graff showing the rising of city ranking as a tourist destination.

Video marketing has traditionally been an important practice for the development of businesses and organizations, but in recent years its use inhighlighting areas and local advantages to attract visitors and tourists has become increasingly popular.

Many Municipalities, Local Bodies and Organizations in Greece have created their own videos, displaying them on their websites, social media, exhibitions, etc.

In this very rapid penetration of the practice of video-marketing in public interest bodies, the quality and profitability of each audio-visual production are necessary components and must not be sacrificed on the altar of synergy with the local professional potential, as they require cinematographic know-how, knowledge, inspiration and high quality technical equipment.

In particular, an audio-visual production in the context of the promotion of a region should be:

1. Exciting.

It shouldn't "sell" the place. It must "sell" the experience! The video has tremendous potential, it can convey emotions and fascinate.

2. Professional.

For an exciting production, professionalism, experience, inspiration, high-quality equipment and a crew of high technical competence are considered prerequisites. All stages of a film production are required: design (pre-production), implementation (production) and processing (post-production).

3. Selective.

It's not a presentation, it's a visual-listening experience. And mostly visual. That is why the right locations must be chosen, technically and aesthetically, rich in colors, exciting and fun.

4. Utilitarian.

It should highlight the possibilities and conveniences that the visitor can have in the area, so that he can enjoy his experience unhindered.

5. Narrative.

The best tourism video ads have a compelling story in which the viewer can be "lost". That's why he needs inspiration, a script and finally a story that will make him feel that he can become part of it.

6. Auditory

Music, narrations, interviews and natural sound, of high quality and aesthetics, complete the production, which now carries an enticing experience from the area, making the viewer want to visit it!

A footage of a popular Greek island, as an example of a high ranking tourist destination.

In conclusion, there are thousands of things that a video of attracting visitors and tourists could include. However, this should be having the ability to say as much as it should, in the way it should, in order to create a unique and memorable experience and ultimately achieve its purpose, which is to increase arrivals. For such an effect it is necessary to work experienced professionals, who have the potential and talent to do it.

Check out our latest video on the Wine Routes of Northern Greece below.

FilmPartner knows how to recognize what an area can make unique, to transfer it to the screen and from there to the viewer, creating an unforgettable experience that he/she will want to really live. Contact us at +30 2310455113 to tell you how we can contribute to move your city up the ranking of tourist destinations.

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