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Our Rob's recent work "Who is Erin Carter" tops!

Updated: Jan 30

"Who is Erin Carter" series on Netflix.
"Who is Erin Carter" series on Netflix.

Rob's Arrowsmith's (FilmPartner's Leader) recent project "Who is Erin Carter" is now at the peak of worldwide popularity!

The new Netflix series has climbed to the top of TVision's Power Score ranking of connected TV series. "Who is Erin Carter" is the next work of our director Rob Arrowsmith, as a steadicam operator, which rose to the number one position of worldwide popularity, after the previous work "Wednesday".

"Who is Erin Carter" was No. 1, followed by Disney Plus' "Star Wars: Ahsoka" for the week of Aug. 28-Sept. 4.

Ranking the Top CTV Shows for August 28 - September 4
The TVision Power Score

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