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Promotional Video: Don't waste a minute!

Updated: Jan 30

Indicative photo of the importance of time for the procuction of corporate video.

If you post quality content on your website and social media every day, but the percentage of traffic and public engagement remains below your expectations, then what you lack is nothing more than a Promotional Video.

Promotional Video is not just another marketing tool. In modern times it is the leading tool of marketing, since 82% of the total internet traffic in 2022 is watching videos! And the reason is simple: if a picture is a thousand words, then imagine how out of place it is you try to substitute the dynamics of the video.

Why is Promotional Video too important for the business?

See below the reasons why the largest marketiers on the internet consider Promotional Video to be an indispensable and leading tool of marketing:

1. Because it sharply increases traffic to your website, since 65% of visits are made after watching videos (Hubspot), while the probability of your site appearing on the first page of Google search results increases by 50 times with a video in your original (Forrester Research). In addition, it increases the duration of visits to the corporate website by 88% (Forbes).

2. Because the video captivates its viewers, compared to the text readers, with the former remembering the content of the message being viewed by 95% and the latter by only 10% (Videowise).

3. Because the video increases sales vertically, since relevant measurements show that with a video on the page of a product, sales increase by 80%, compared to when the same page instead of videos, had photos (Adelie Studios). And the reason is simple: because nothing better describes a product or even a service than a video.

4. Because the video is being shared at a rapid pace. A video on social media gets 1200% more shares than a post with text and image together (Wordstream).

5. Because the video increases the awareness of the company name and the product, as a natural consequence of the above!

Now if after all this, you consider that your Promotional Video can wait a little longer, then you reduce time to money and think again, because every minute counts!

Imagine how likely it is to buy a safe case (for example) by watching a picture or by watching a video like this below:

So, don't loose time, you loose money! Call FilmPartner at 0030 2310455113 now.

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