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Rob’s recent work “Wednesday” on top!

Updated: Jan 30

Promotional photo from TV series production, worked as steadicam and A camera operator by FilmPartner owner Rob Arrowsmith.

Rob’s recent work “Wednesday” on top! Netflix's breakout hit Wednesday, with more than 1 billion hours of the series watched in the first 19 days since its release, is Netflix's No. 3 most popular show of all time, according to the company's watch-time stats released Tuesday.

At 1.02 billion hours watched, it's the third Netflix show to cross the 1 billion hour milestone, trailing just Squid Game (1.65 billion hours) and Stranger Things 4 (1.35 billion hours) on the streaming service's all-time popularity chart.

And the show, a coming-of-age supernatural dark comedy with Jenna Ortega putting a new spin on Wednesday Addams, still has more than a week to keep accruing watch hours toward its ranking. Netflix ranks the popularity of its shows by the total number of hours they're watched within their first 28 days of release, and Wednesday's latest stats count viewing from its Nov. 23 release through Sunday. Since the series released on November 23, lead actor Jenna Ortega also gained 10 million followers on Instagram, and the show’s influential makeup looks, fashion inspiration and music have resulted in a goth grunge resurgence.

Most popular tv ranking in Netflix.

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