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The 1st series of seminars of FilmPartner was successfully completed!

Updated: Jan 30

Photo from FilmPartner and Rob Arrowsmith's first tutorial on learning steadicam equipment.

FilmPartner's first series of seminars was successfully completed in Thessaloniki, which included three seminars, each lasting 2 days, over a period of about 2 months.

The subject of training was practical learning to use Steadicam equipment to new and experienced camera operators, in closed sections of 4 people, by Rob Arrowsmith, senior executive of FilmPartner and Camera / Steadicam Operator in the global entertainment industry.

A common feeling for all those who participated was the optimal cost-performance ratio for their choice, since the educational process was carried out with personal learning and sufficient internship time and even at a truly privileged price.

In conclusion, all participants also received the Certificate of their training from Rob Arrowsmith, which - based on Rob's recognition - we believe will be another qualification in their professional career.

We really thank them all and we renew our appointment for next year, in which we believe to return dynamically with more seminars from different subjects of film production.

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