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The importance of using video at Trade Shows.

Updated: Jan 30

Cars and cars films on bouth's screens promoting their products.

In the modern era, where the buyers are fully familiar with the use of multimedia, video marketing is the top tool to increase sales and the participation of the business in a trade show should be effectively supported by the display of a video.

The playback on one screen of your kiosk of a perfect professional video, will show passers-by - potential customers what your business offers and how it could benefit them directly, preparing the ground for the classic step of personal information.

The main benefit of using video marketing in exhibitions is maximizing your marketing performance and your most valuable resource: time!

Trade show bouth with screens.

The benefits of using videos in exhibitions

  • If a picture worth a thousand words, imagine the video: Using video in exhibitions can explain a product or service, which can be difficult to explain in face-to-face communication.

  • Product demo videos can act as a sales tool or dialogue trigger and attract visitors to your booth for more information.

  • People like to be given a demonstration of products or services used in a real environment (e.g. a car in motion, a tool in use, or a service while providing it).

  • Video can bring even the smallest booth to life, bringing action and attracting people.

  • Video can keep visitors at your booth for longer and reduce missed opportunities when your representatives are busy with other visitors.

  • Your video can be used again and again by the business, both at exhibitions and on the business website and social media and is therefore a sustainable expense that is not wasted after just one use.

  • Images are easier to capture in viewers' memory, and this video makes it much more likely that your brand will be recognized in the future.

What should a video look like for exhibition?

  • First, a video for exhibition should not be... one! Multiple videos in a single playback ensure viewers don't get bored and stay at your booth for a long time until one of your representatives approaches them.

  • However, your videos should be short, but concise and informative.

  • They may be a Company Video (company profile), a Promotional Video (brand of products or services), an Explanatory Video (operation of products or services), Comments and Reviews (testimonials from customers or partners), or Special Videos (a mix of the above).

  • By including modern graphics, they will enhance the appeal of your video, impressing their viewers.

  • There must be harmony in the design and feel of your video with your booth design and business profile.

  • Audio in the video is always necessary, but its importance is downgraded due to the noise inside the exhibition areas. Where necessary, subtitles are useful although they should not be long.

  • Text messages, however, are their cornerstone, although they should remain short and understandable.

  • Finally, the video itself should deliver truly high-quality professional content that lives up to the professionalism and quality of your business.

Trade show bouth.

During the Exhibition

  • It goes without saying: your video should be played on repeat throughout the exhibition, in a prominent position and in a place where as many people as possible can gather.

  • The size of the screen should be proportional to the size of the stand, while in a large booth the use of multiple monitors or one projector is probably the optimal choice.

Videos of trade fair participants are not a luxury. It is just as important a factor as the decision to participate in them.

With the technical excellence and international experience of FilmPartner, Video Marketing becomes the most efficient sales tool for your business. Contact us at 2310455113 to tell you how.

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