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Video Marketing Statistics: 1. From the viewer's perspective.

Updated: Jan 30

Marketing video viewer perspective photo.

At a time when 1 billion people see more than 6 billion hours of video every month on YouTube, the importance of Video Marketing is a key practice for all competing businesses. (Hijiffy)

Check out some of the most interesting statistics on the efficiency of video marketing, from the viewer's point of view:

  1. 65% of people are visual types of learning. (TAGT on Demand)

  2. People process visual data 60,000 times faster than a text. (Nonprofit Hub)

  3. People keep 95% of the information from watching videos, while only 10% from reading texts. (Forbes)

  4. 78% of internet users watch videos online every week, while 55% of them will take the time to watch videos every day. (Hubspot).

  5. 60% of people prefer to watch videos online, rather than TV shows. (Google)

  6. 85% of consumers want more business brands to create videos. (Hubspot)

  7. 56% of consumers believe that a video is a vital element of corporate websites. (Forbes)

  8. According to YouTube, watching videos on mobile devices is growing by 100% every year. (Hubspot)

  9. People spend 100 million hours watching video content on Facebook every day. (Blue Corona)

  10. Viewers are 1200% more likely to share a video than they would share text and images together. (SmallBizTrend)

  11. More than 75% of videos are watched on mobile phones. (eMarketer)

  12. 90% of people say watching videos helped them decide on a purchase. (Brightcove)

  13. Engaging video ads can increase consumer intent by 97%. (Kissmetrics)

  14. Users spend 88% more time on a video site. (Oberlo)

  15. Almost 50% of Internet users search for videos of products and services before visiting the company's store. (Hubspot)

  16. 75% of people prefer to watch videos on their phones horizontally. (Hubspot)

  17. 2/3 of viewers prefer to watch videos 60 seconds long and less. (Omnikick)

  18. 53% of phone users feel more favorable about companies that have video content on their websites and apps. (Biteable)

  19. Users are 37% more likely to share an explanatory video less than 15 seconds long. (IdeaMachineVideo)

  20. 85% of Facebook viewers and 2/3 of snapchat viewers watch videos with audio off. (SocialMediaToday)

  21. Viewers are 25% more likely to complete a video with subtitles than those who don't. (Uscreen)

  22. 57% of people who watch video claim that these videos made them more confident in making an online purchase. (MediaPost)

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