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Watch the best corporate videos of 2023.

Updated: Feb 16


Nearly 900 entries from more than 45 countries spanning all continents underwent a thorough evaluation by Cannes Corporate Media and TV Award 2023, in which 130 submissions were selected to receive the festival’s coveted Dolphin Awards.

Watch below some of the winners best corporate videos:

Grand Prix for Best Corporate Media

Category: Corporate Image Films

Title: Studying is what you make of it! (CH)

Client: FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

Producer: Seed Audio-Visual Communication AG

Category: Marketing Communication – B2B

Title: Company of Cooks (GB)

Client: Company of Cooks by CH&CO

Producer: Bear Jam Productions Limited

Category: Marketing Communication – B2C


Client: Crafted Filmproduktion GmbH

Producer: Crafted Filmproduktion GmbH

Category: Tourism Films · Destinations – Cities

Title: Creators of West Hollywood (US)

Client: West Hollywood Travel Tourism Board

Producer: West Hollywood Travel Tourism Board

Category: Tourism Films · Destinations – Regions

Title: Grand Tour of Catalonia (ES)

Client: Catalan Tourism Agency (ACT)

Producer: Possible Films

Category: Tourism Films · Destinations – Countries

Title: Glimpses of Georgia (US)

Client: Georgia National Tourism Administration

Producer: Bloomberg Media Studios

Category: Tourism Films · Products

Title: No one upstages the Grand Tour of Switzerland (CH)

Client: Switzerland Tourism

Producer: stories AG

Category: Tourism Films · Services

Title: Fly & Feel the Rush of Historic Places – Sydsjælland (series) (DK)

Client: VisitSydsjælland-Møn A/S

Producer: VNR.TV v/ Kongshaug Productions

Category: Films for Fairs, Shows, Events and Conferences

Title: Aramco Marine Divers (SA)

Client: Aramco

Producer: Aramco

Category: Company Presentations

Title: LeasePlan Originals: The Moments That Made Us (NL)

Client: LeasePlan

Producer: 1Camera

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