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Our Projects

FilmPartner produces independent audiovisoual productions, such as: Documentaries, Feature Films and TV Series. The team has extensive experience working around the world for studios such as: MGM, Netflix, Amazon, Paramount, Starz and many more. With this knowledge FilmPartner works to deliver projects from the original concept through to post-production.

In development: Our City

This feature length documentary directed by Kostas Stilianidis and produced by FilmPartner is a moving and personal journay through the lives of five young disenfranchised youths living in a deprived inner city area of Thessaloniki. The film will show the journey from their lives on the streets to fullfilling the lifelong ambition of performing on the stage. Filmpartner's documentary is expected to be completed in 2024.


In development: Axiom

What would it be like if we added a bit of an ancient Greek spirit to modern times? FilmPartner is currently developing a script written by Rob Arrowsmith into a ten episode television drama. This would be a high intensity, epic adventure through myths and legends with the story set in modern day Greece.

Pre-production is aiming to start in 2023.

Call us now at +30 2310455113 or learn more...

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