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Special Videos

Special Videos are those that serve special needs and that do not fall into the categories of Advertising and Corporate Videos of businesses.
Such videos are ranked according to the institution they serve and can be videos for Municipalities and tourism bodies (promotion of destinations for attracting tourists and visitors), for universities (projection of research programs), for associations (projection of events), for musicians (video clips), for public figures (promoting of a project) etc.
Special Videos can also be placed on many distribution channels, such as television, the organization's website, social media, e-mails, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, etc.
In the New Era of Marketing, where watching videos accounts for more than 80% of internet use, video production of all content and purpose is becoming increasingly popular. Nothing now limits imagination and creativity, in an age when technology allows every institution private or public, even individuals, to acquire their own film production. 

Call us now and enter the New Era of Marketing by acquiring your own Special. Promotional, or Corporate Video from FilmPartner.


The art of cinematography
at the service of marketing.

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