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Co-productions in Greece combines many different advantages, as great locations, political stability, public security and a powerful funding program, which can return 40% of the production cost.

The only thing you need is a great co-producer, a great FilmPartner!

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Your Parnter in Greece

The funding opportunity in Greece (by National Law  4704/2020) is unique and FilmPartner is here to help you navigate through all procedures and applications, to implement your film production.

Basic requirement for the funding application is to be done by a Greek company as a representative of a foreign production company and that's the central role which FilmPartner can play as an experienced business funding consultant.


FilmPartner is always openminded to new collaborations from co-productions, project development, brainstorming ideas to delivering final audio-visual productions. 

Share your project or idea and let's start a efficient synergy!

All Hands In

Call us now at +30 2310455113 or learn more...

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