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Tour Promo Video Offer
for Travel Agencies

In the modern era, the effectiveness of Videos in increasing sales is now an indisputable fact, with the relevant statistic identifying it at +86%.

At FilmPartner we have created an innovative value service, making Video an easy and affordable affair for any business, currently focusing on Travel Agencies.

For each multiple tour of your program we can create a promotional Video:

  •  30 second HD production.

  •  With 10+ snapshots of popular destinations with relative licenses.

  •  With appropriate music with relative licenses.

  •  All necessary information and graphics (2 editions, greek and english) .

Watch our Example Video for Rome
Your Bennefits 
  • Maximize your bookings.

  • Vertically increase the following and sharing rates on your website and advertising campaigns.

  • Enhancing your company profile.

Our Prices
  • The preferential price of acquiring the videos amounts to €90 + VAT, for a video.

  • For the acquisition of a package of 5 or more videos, their price is €80 + VAT, for each video.

  • In the event that you accept FilmPartner's discretionary reference as the creator in the margin of your video, the price is €70 + VAT, for a video.

  • Finally, for the acquisition of a package of 5 or more videos, with the discrete mention of FilmPartner as the creator of the video, the price is €60 + VAT, for each video.

Call us now at +30 2310455113 or return to Stock Videos...

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