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The Absolute Guide to Video Marketing!

Updated: Mar 10

Cover page of The Absolute Guide to Video Marketing

  • Did you know that according to Statista, ad spending on Video Marketing is expected to reach US$191.3 billion globally in 2024?

  • That the global average in video watching is 17 hours per week?

  • That a video on the homepage of an eShop can boost sales by 80%?

Indeed, in recent years -and not unfairly- Video Marketing is the fastest growing type of marketing in digital advertising. Businesses take advantage of technological developments to be able to meet modern market demands.

The distance that separates the Greek and the global market, creates a unique opportunity: Any company that covers this distance faster wins the race of competition and ensures a competitive advantage.

The Absolute Guide to Video Marketing by FilmPartner is a Roadmap for managing this modern challenge.

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