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New Funding Program for new businesses in Western Macedonia!

Updated: Mar 5

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The new funding program of the NSRF under the name "Business establishment & support of new SMEs in the areas of the Territorial Just Transition Plans of the Region of Western Macedonia & Megalopolis", concerns the support of new and under-established businesses for the implementation of business plans related to the utilization and development of modern technologies, processes and means in the production process, as well as the upgrading of the products / services produced.

Beneficiaries of the program are New and Under Establishment micro and small enterprises, which will implement an investment plan related to at least one of the eligible activities (almost all production, manufacturing and service sectors).

"Under Establishment" means businesses that will submit commencement of operations to the competent Tax Office after the electronic submission of the funding application.

"New" means enterprises that have started operations and on the date of electronic submission of the application for funding, have less than 2 complete closed administrative years.

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The application period runs from 8/2/2024 to 8/4/2024.

Investment projects should have a budget of €20,000 to €100,000.

The Public Funding rate amounts to 70% of business plans!

The eligible costs of the Actions include, among others: Equipment, Vehicles, Facilities, Buildings, Software, Certifications, Promotion and Extroversion, including the production of a Corporate/Promotional Video.

Download PDF • 11.83MB

Contact FilmPartner to learn more and create your own promotional, cormporate or special video through this funding program.


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