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New funding program for small and medium enterprises in Central Macedonia!

Updated: Mar 5


The Region of Central Macedonia announced a new funding program for small and medium enterprises in Central Macedonia, at the end of 2023.

The aim of the program is to support small and medium enterprises in the Central Macedonia Region, for the development and diffusion of new technologies, their technological transformation, scale up, extroversion and the promotion of the dual transition, i.e. the digital transformation and the circular economy .

The program is aimed at medium, small and very small businesses that have at least two complete closed management years and have an activity code that belongs to the eligible KAD of the action.

Eligible expenses are, among others, the expenses of equipment, buildings, human resources, services, as well as promotion expenses, such as promotional and corporate videos, up to 40% of the total budget of each business proposal!

The amount of business proposals should range from min €60,000 to max €400,000.

Region of Central Macedonia

The percentage of government participation (funding) in the implementation of business proposals amounts to 45%.

The period for submission of proposals / applications for affiliation is from 22-01-2024 to 22-05-2024.

The relevant Invitation of the Region of Central Macedonia can be seen below (only in Greek Language):

Download PDF • 3.43MB

Contact FilmPartner to learn more and create your own promotional, cormporate or special video through this funding program.


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