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Two years of FilmPartner and the story unfolds!

Updated: Mar 4

the story of filmpartner

2 years ago, a vision was born. A vision to redefine the quality of filmmaking in our country, considering our experience on international sets, our belief in the potential of our industry in Greece and our thirst for creativity.

Today we celebrate the second anniversary of FilmPartner, a journey characterized by work, inspiration, collaborations and unique productions!

Celebrating 2 years of FilmPartner's creativity, we take stock and find that we have achieved 3 key achievements:

  1. To attract and successfully implement an international television production in Thessaloniki, giving the confidence and professionalism required to pave the way for new international co-productions in our city.

  2. To create unique, narrative corporate videos, cinematic texture, introducing new, high-quality cinematic techniques and raising the bar of effectiveness requirements in corporate video marketing.

  3. To gain the appreciation and respect in our company, of all interested parties -including partners, colleagues, customers and potential customers- hoping to further develop our business.

We know very well that there is a distance between appreciation and respect and trust. How much? As much as one chooses!

Two years of FilmPartner and the story unfolds. We will be here to keep telling the story. You can just enjoy it, or even become part of it!

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