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Improvised – Amateur Videos: A destructive business practice?

Updated: Mar 5

amateur video for business

Nowadays, at the height of social media glory, millions of amateur videos (UGC) are created and distributed daily with the goal of a few more followers or a few euros in profit. Somewhere between aspiring virals and influencers, thousands of businesses settle daily, with their own improvised - amateur videos, hoping to seize a profit from modern marketing trends. Did they think it through?

The corporate image is the cornerstone of business extroversion. Business means extroversion and extroversion is the ability of the business to promote in the best way, products and services, resources and abilities, prices and qualities, relationships and customer satisfaction. Creating and posting amateur videos to the general public is anything but useful for modern business. If in the short term it can bring some sales, in the long term it degrades the corporate image, often far below the real one!

Professional video for business

5 differences of professional and amateur video maker

  1. The professional video creator has the ability and experience to create stunning and attractive shots, with the right camera angle and always with a specific purpose. To develop the "eye" of the filmmaker requires years of work and unfortunately, the amateur creator cannot have it.

  2. The professional creator is equipped with the latest technology, knows and has the right lens for every shot, so he can focus without blurring the image. It has the necessary tripods and bases, with its reception remaining stable, without trembling, even during movement. The amateur is limited by the lack of equipment and by his mobile phone (no matter how modern it is) and the result of his work will always lack quality.

  3. The professional knows how to handle lighting, which is a very important job, which requires great knowledge and experience. The amateur does not have the ability to manage lighting, and his shots are usually characterized by excessive lighting and shadows.

  4. The professional has external microphones to record sound and knows how to avoid external noise. Even when he doesn't need to record sound, he chooses the appropriate and licensed soundtracks, which match the theme and can give their rhythm to the editing. The amateur is again faced with limitations and compromises, which affect the result.

  5. The professional has the right software and knowledge to edit his shots, a task as important as shooting. For a 1-minute video, it may take hours of shooting to select the right scenes for the result. The amateur lacks know-how and during the processing stage limits his work below the elementary level of quality.

phone video

The promotion of the business is a task to highlight its professionalism to enhance the trust of its customers. Any amateurism in the creation of its promotional videos, reduces its professional profile in the eyes of viewers, usually below its real level of professionalism, doing injustice to itself!

In conclusion, the creation by businesses of improvised - amateur videos to serve the needs of modern video marketing, is a destructive practice for their image, at least in the eyes of existing and future customers.

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